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    Sunday Service

    Join us this Sunday at 9:30am for morning worship.  Our current sermon series is titled "Becoming passionate Christ Followers." 

    We hope you can join us!  To learn more about our Sunday services and other activities on Sunday, click the button below.


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welcomeOur church is made of family, and we have a place for you.

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stories-mod-imageRead the personal accounts of some of our church family members.

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Pastor's Blog

  • Eternal Security...
    ... is that really true? Eternal security is a long standing doctrine of many evangelical churches. When asked if I believe in eternal security my answer usually is: "Certainly, but I do look at it…
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Upcoming events

Nov 23rd - 8:00am - Men's Small Group - "Life's Tough Questions"
Nov 23rd - 9:45am - Young Men Small Group
Nov 23rd - 9:45am - Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) Classes
Nov 23rd - 9:45am - Women's Small Group
Nov 23rd - 5:30pm - AWANA
Nov 23rd - 7:00pm - Men's Small Group - "Life's Tough Questions"
Nov 26th - 5:30pm - AWANA
Nov 28th - 5:00am - Men's Small Group - Galatians: Gospel Matter
Nov 30th - 8:00am - Men's Small Group - "Life's Tough Questions"
Nov 30th - 9:45am - Young Men Small Group
Nov 30th - 9:45am - Women's Small Group

Youth Ministry

awakeWe live hard and die free by awakening students to the love of Christ and teaching them what God has commanded. AWAKE is a fun and comfortable place where students can meet Him face to face and be changed because of their encounter with God.
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