Mama Bear Apologetics

Mama Bear Apologetics – Monday Night Study

Come prepare your hearts through the advent season as we focus on the person and character of Jesus. This 4 week study starts Nov 29th. Stage of life: Mamas, Grandmamas, and those planning to be!
Learn how to raise kids who think critically, love biblically, and stand firm against the cultural tide.

Isaiah Study

Abide – Tues Night Study

How can we hold onto assurance of our faith? How can we discern the truth from a lie? How can we know God loves us? In these three short letters, the apostle John reminds an early church facing division, deception, and doubt to hold fast to what they know and to live like they believe it. And he reminds us, as well. In this 10-session Bible study on the letters of 1, 2, and 3, John, Jen Wilkin helps you see how two thousand years later, his words call to Christians in similar challenges to recall a great salvation and to abide in the truth.

Starting Tuesday, March 7th for 10 weeks

Aspire 2023

Aspire 2023

“Aspire is a one-night women’s event full of laughter, learning, stories & music with 3 ladies taking the stage. 1 Bible Teacher – 1 Comedian – 1 Musician Join us for an amazing girl’s night out!

Contact Ashley McGuire – 763-370-3487 – ( or Amy Strange ( with any questions.”



Women's Ministry Events


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