Our claim as Christians is that we have come to know the Sovereign God who has created all things and revealed Himself to us. As impossible as it is for finite creatures to grasp and fully understand that God it is important to have as clear and accurate a picture of who this God is and what He is like. If our perception of God is confused, muddled or distorted, that dysfunction will cascade through our whole life and seriously damage how we relate to Him and others. An unclear view of God can lead to a painful struggle of grasping after a god of our own broken imagination and experiences.  God in His wisdom did not leave this to speculation, cultural polemics, or the aesthetic imaginations of religion. God has chosen to reveal Himself to us in very special ways so that we might have the clearest understanding, the brightest picture, the most vivid manifestation of the One who created us and desires relationship with us. The journey of exploring and discovering the true God of the Bible is one of the most critical pursuits of our life. This is our journey.


Knowing God


Desiring God


Walking with God...