One of the most powerful, transforming segments in all of the Scriptures is the divine wisdom unveiled through the lens of the Lord’s Prayer.  The spiritual DNA of this teaching, by the Lord Himself, when properly understood, creates a profound unshakable focus for life that will transcend every cultural barrier and prepare us to live in light of eternity. There is no prayer in all of the Scriptures that will bring greater clarity and focus to preparing yourself for eternity like the Lord’s Prayer. Nothing prepares us more effectively for life and ministry than the spiritual infrastructure framed in this prayer.  However, what complicates this even more is most Christians treat this prayer with relative indifference. Much of the depth and wealth of this prayer has been completely ignored by using it as an opening recital at special events or treated simply as an example to follow in our daily prayer time.  The power and wisdom of this prayer will challenge us to the very core of life itself and point us to an adventure with God that will change the way we live for the rest of our lives.

True Faced

Desiring God


The Treasure Principle

Necessary Endings

Old Paths New Power